Lost in the features of your face
She's laying on her side and it's all in its right place
Feathers run through the air
Morning light and heavy thunder in electric flare
Would you dare ?
Would you dare she says
And her body sways cause she just wanna play
Oh she just wanna play
Waste the days away
And this face you watch is uncolored just grey

Yeah the head on the coin stares straight at you
She could as well throw down the glove at you
And I ain't scared of the duel
Or to mess up the jewel
I won't be too tender if you're too cruel
The rule
You know it so well
You're just making it swell
To the point where you can't go back
Now you've got to attack

And you're thin
When you flee away from the heat
That it's a shiver not a cheat
But as far
As you can stear clear of my arms
You will find
A mean to come back to my charms

The devil
Tongue burned your iced inner body
You revel
And then you're slightly exhausted
By the bends
All the windings and the detours
A dead end
That keeps on restauring me yours

Now they're face to face and you hear
The words that make your stomach drop and you’re bound by fear
No you won’t compromise
Realise that you can't slack a single sacrifice
What a faker
Unconscient heartbreaker
Could you actually be audacious and bold
Too heavy to hold
The waves you can’t withhold
Are an act of faith a secret wink to the

That burned your iced inner body
You revel
And then you're slightly exhausted
I'm stranded
Can't find a reason to refuse
No excuse
We loose
You choose

But now the gun's loaded she's silently counting
And he throws the dime unconsciently hoping
That it would fall on the edge
But they already stand on the ledge
And there ain't no lucky bird to swallow the coin
And before they both realise what they've done

Tails are starring at the sky
Heads are stuck to the ground
There's a bullet in your eye
All my dreams just drowned


from MOTHER OF DREAMS MAKE US ALIVE, released November 20, 2014
All songs written composed and played by The Oddmen.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Julien Baudouin.
Artwork by Oscar Mather.
Special thanks to Marc 'Fat Kemar' Fradin for his hospitality and neverending kindness during the recordings.
Cheers to all our friends and families for the support.
The Oddmen has no end.



all rights reserved


The Oddmen Nantes, France

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